Payment Rules

Payment Rules

Fees may be paid at Canara Bank, DSSC on or before 10th of the 1st month of every quarter during banking hours. After payment, school copy should be dropped in the box kept for this purpose in the bank.

Late Fees. If fees are not paid by due date, late fee will be charged as under:

(a) Upto 20th of the current month -- Rs. 100/-

(b) Upto 1 month -- Rs. 200/-

(c) Upto 2 months -- Rs.400/-

(d) Upto 3 months -- Rs.750/-

If fees and fine are not paid for three consecutive months, the name of the student will be stuck off the rolls.

Re-admission may be allowed after the payment of all arrears along with re-admission fee.

Parents are expected to keep a copy of the counterfoil safe with them and produce it whenever required by the school to verify the payment of fees.

All correspondence in respect of school dues should be made to the school authorities directly.

In case of deliberate breakage of laboratory equipment, the student will have to pay the cost of the equipment damaged along with a penalty.

It is mandatory for every student to pay 12 months fee for one session (exemption only for students who is transferred from other Army Public Schools).Refund of fees will be governed by Red Book guidelines.However fees will not be refunded if student takes TC in Apr/May.


Jun-Aug-First term
Sep-Nov-Second term
Dec-Feb- Third term
Mar- May-Fourth term
Non-payment of fees, will lead to imposing of fine and the striking off the name of the pupil from the rolls as per rules.