Annual Report


          Year 2023 – 24 has been an incredibly unique, unusual and challenging period.  Unforeseen disaster demanded out of the box thought process.  Traditional classroom teaching of “Chalk and Talk” saw a paradigm shift.  Virtual Education, which was a far distant dream, became a reality.  Pedagogy shifted from personal to virtual teaching-learning and from seminars to webinars around the world.   

          We, at APS Wellington, are no exception to this situation.   We braced ourselves to a new journey of virtual teaching-learning.          To empower our teacher and taught, we moved to virtual platform using Google Suite for education.  Teaching shifted from traditional “Brick and Mortar” classrooms to Google classrooms. 

             Aim of education is all round development of the learners…... 

          As the lockdown forced stay-at-home, we, at APS Wellington, revamped all the co-curricular activities under Ek Bharat Sreshth Bharat, Atma Nirbhar Bharat, Artsy lens, IT club heads, smoothly conducted on virtual platform.  The virtual assemblies helped in a greater understanding of the happenings in the world around us.  We provided access to expert career counselling session, online learning resources, indigenous videos and presentation for our students. Students were taken on a virtual picnic.

          Learning outcomes were tested using a wide  variety of testing tools viz Google Forms Testmoz, Examnet.

          We realized the importance of emotional well being at a very early stage of pandemic.    Our teachers stayed in continuous contact with the learners and their parents as an  assurance to our stakeholders, virtual Parent-Teacher interaction was conducted once in a month thus maintaining a healthy communication.

          “Safety comes first”………. Age appropriate cyber etiquette modules were designed by our IT team for the benefit of our students.   The school website has been redesigned as a commitment to reach out to  stakeholders facilitating Online admissions, Fee payment, Transfer Certificate and time to time virtual updates.

          School is where we all belong.  It is a home away from home.  All the classrooms are well ventilated with smart boards.  The state of the art Biology lab, Physics lab, Chemistry lab, Mathematics lab, Junior Computer lab, Senior Computer lab, and English language lab foster hands on learning experience to our learners.  A well equipped resource room is curated and designed for slow learners and learners with learning disability.    Entire school campus is Wi-Fi enabled to facilitate  our teachers to take virtual classes. 

          Books are man’s best friend…..   Our School  library has books that interest all age groups.  Every year a substantial amount is invested to update the school library with an aim to widen the intellect of our learners.

          Our administrative staff provided support staying behind-the-scene. During the initial lockdown period and round the year, they work relentlessly ensuring smooth functioning of the school on a day to day basis.  The housekeeping staff ensured a clean and safe campus.  As the school was non functional in its true sense, the support staff harnessed their creative skills to develop a sensory pathway at the kindergarten school, Gurkha Hill  and at the Main Branch.

          ‘Back to school’ campaign motivated the teacher and taught to come back to school and function in the ‘new’ normal.  All necessary COVID precautions were accounted for in order to conduct  regular classes smoothly.  We reached out to the stake holders and assured our commitment towards the safety of our students. 

          Through the pandemic, our staff, students, and their families have preserved and grown.  We remain a strong team.



Tough times don’t last; Tough people do!