Attendance Rules

  • Every pupil must attend the classes regularly on every working day. The child should reach the school in time by 7.50 am. (8.50 am for Nursery & Kindergarten(KG))
  • Attendance of the pupils on the first and last working day of each term is compulsory. If absence is unavoidable, a letter of request must be sent and leave obtained. Oral message will not be accepted.
  • Attendance will be taken before Assembly. Those who are not present in time will be marked absent. Pupils who come late or have been absent earlier will report to the Principal.
  • Pupils requiring leave during school hours should produce a letter from the parents. They will be issued an out pass duly signed by the class-in-charge and by the Principal/ Coordinator.
  • After ten days of continuous absence without intimation to Principal and reason therefore, the absentee’s name will be struck off the rolls. Re-admission will be granted at the sole discretion of the Principal and the Managing Committee. Admission fee will be payable again at the time of re-admission.